Free shipping on u.s. and canadian orders $75+ | International shipping starting at $16


  1. 1When will I receive my order?

    For POPRAGEOUS items, we carry some of our items in stock but some are made to order. All orders will ship out within 5 days.

    Campaign items, if successful, are shipped within 2 weeks.

  2. 2What is your return policy?

    We carry some of our items in stock but some are made to order. All orders will ship out within 5 days.

    All returns must be returned within 30 days of order date to the address below.  We do not pay for shipping on return items and if don't receive it, we will not issue a refund so obtain a tracking number or receipt.  Please include your order number on the outside of the package and send to this address:

    POPRAGEOUS Returns

    Order #

    915 Mateo St.

    Suite 301

    Los Angeles, CA 90021

    • Return requirements:
    • ALL returns must be unworn, unwashed merchandise
    • ALL sale and/or discounted items are final
    • If you return an item that is not eligible for return, you are responsible for the cost of shipping it back to you.
  3. 3When will I get charged for purchasing a campaign item?

    No, we will charge you for the item only if the campaign is successful.

  4. 4 Do we do wholesale?

    Yes, but very infrequently. Please email

  5. 5Can I intern / work / model / blog / design / photograph for POPRAGEOUS?

    Please email

  6. 6How much is international shipping?

    We charge $16 without tracking, $35 with tracking.

  7. 7I don't see items on the site that I've seen on Instagram/Facebook. Where are they?

    Email us at

  8. 8Can I cancel my order?

    Once an order is placed, we cannot stop the process and the item will ship to you. We will issue a refund once the item is returned to us.

  9. 9I’m trying to create a campaign, how do I know if my image infringes on a third party?

    • Before launching your campaign, make sure your campaign does not:
    • Use a logo, or a slightly altered version of a logo
    • Use an organization or an individual’s name
    • Contain protected lyrics, poems, movie quotes, taglines, etc.
    • Create a connection to an individual without their permission (full name, last name, a photograph or cartoon of them)
    • Contain an iconic font, linked to the trademark that made it iconic i.e. (the Red Sox’s unique font)
    • Use lyrics, images, or related artwork associated with a musical act (such as the Grateful Dead skull)
    • Contain protected material in the description, URL, or title such as:
      • videos, gifs, or photos
      • the name of a company or team (such as Dairy Queen, Disney, or the Miami Dolphins)
      • the names or likenesses of celebrities, such as athletes or musicians
    • Create a direct or strong association to material affiliated with:
      • a professional sports organization (MLB, NHL, NFL, etc.)
      • an institution, such as a university or college
      • a current or past film or television show, such as Sons of Anarchy, Different Strokes, or Lion King
      • an organization, such as through the use of the protected “USMC” mark belonging to the U.S. Military
      • a brand, such as Harley Davidson, Google, or Jeep

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